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Pamper your canine companion by booking one of our grooming sessions. Whether you have a very messy mutt or just need a touch up, we can help!

Depending on the breed and condition of your pet, we recommend that you have your dog groomed every 6-8 weeks. Our groomer will be happy to create a grooming schedule that meets your pets' specific needs.

Not sure if your dog requires regular grooming? We offer a free consultation with no obligations!

Spaw Services


Puppy Intro - this is an introduction to grooming for puppies under the age of 5 months who have had all their shots. A great way to acclimatize your puppy to the smells & sounds of the grooming experience. We provide a bath and blow dry and, depending on breed and squirminess, a little trim.

$45 +tax all breeds

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Bath & Brush - Popular with breeds like labs, german sheperds, rottweillers, pugs…etc., who require the removal of excess hair and undercoat. Also a great way to maintain a tangle free, long haired dog.

Starts at $55 +tax

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Trim & Tidy – We recommend this service for dogs whose coats require a bit more attention in order to maintain that perfect breed specific or puppy cut. Following a brush out, bath and blow dry, the dog is trimmed and tidied around the head, paws and hind area.

Starts at $55 +tax

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The Works - A little too much time passed between appointments? This service will ensure your pooch is runway ready. It includes a brush out, bath and blow dry followed by a breed specific or ‘show’ cut, as per the client’s request and groomer’s advice.

Starts at $65 +tax


Special Needs

Sometimes we have senior dogs or those that require special care. We’re happy to take this into consideration and provide a safe environment for their grooming experience.

We use only the highest quality natural shampoos & conditioners and also offer hypo-allergenic options for those dogs with particularly sensitive skin or allergies.

Grooming FAQ

The At Home Experience

For those of you who are brave enough to wash your furry friend at home, we offer various products to help accomplish your task. Our range of grooming products includes a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, wipes, spritzes and brushes. Get to work and have fun!

Earthbath™ Shampoo & wipes
Woof™ Shampoo; & cologne
Buddy Wash Shampoo®, conditioners & spritz
Bamboo brushes, combs & nail clippers

grooming products


Additional Services

Pawdicure- please call in advance for an appointment - $15

Face trim – no appointment necessary but we do suggest calling in advance - $15


Rufferal Program


For every three (3) friends that you encourage to get their dogs groomed at Döghaus, your dog will receive one (1) free grooming session!

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Rufferal Program

For every three (3) friends that you encourage to get their dogs groomed at Döghaus, your dog will receive one (1) free grooming session!

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